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"HOME- a word that real estate agents know well, but that took on a whole larger meaning for me when I was searching for a place to work! My biggest item I was looking for in a brand and in a company was that I felt at home! I wanted to know people and I didn't just want to be a name. Century 21 Scheetz has exceeded my expectations of HOME. I tell everyone I know that when the head of the company can call you by name in a room of over 150 agents then you are in the right place. This doesn't just apply to Mr. Mick Scheetz, in includes front desk support, other agents, Listing Central, Marketing, IT Services, it's the whole company. I continue to be amazed at the support from my managing broker, and the entire office support team. Questions? Holy Cow the speed at with which questions are answered is unparalleled! I feel proud to say I work for Century 21 Scheetz and feel at HOME when helping others look for and sell homes. I truly love where I work!"

Missy Mendoza - CENTURY 21 Scheetz REALTOR®


Scheetz Mentoring And Real Estate Training

Launch 21 training is our comprehensive training platform designed to provide REALTORS® core essentials for building a successful real estate career. Over eight days, agents learn about contracts, prospecting, working with buyers and sellers, business planning, and much more in a hands-on setting.

Stepping outside of the classroom, those in training shadow an open house, learning what to say and do, as well as master correct lead follow-up. Additionally, they have a simulated mock inspection with an inspector at a property, learning the most important facets of the inspection, inspection report, and response.

There are many opportunities for role-playing as well including live-listing presentation, learning the various objections, and having a completed CMA prepared prior to the first appointment. We walk the talk: training REALTORS® to do good, ethical business by showing value, through the agent and the brand.

We give agents a great foundation to be successful in Real Estate. Following training, agents are provided with a 90-day Business Blueprint. This Business Blueprint is a continuation of Launch training designed to mentor CENTURY 21 Scheetz agents with personal production and technology. At CENTURY 21 Scheetz, you don't receive training one time, training, mentoring, and coaching are provided on a weekly basis.

Investing in our people is a top priority. CENTURY 21 University provides hundreds of online live and self-directed courses from beginning in Real Estate to growing a successful Real Estate Team. Our office managers can help you with a specific list of courses to ensure you continue to deliver extraordinary experiences and defy mediocrity as you grow with us.

CENTURY 21 Scheetz employs a team of leaders and top performing agents with a wealth of knowledge ready to train and develop our agents every day. CENTURY 21 Scheetz agents are prepared for today's market and on top of emerging technological trends and earn extraordinary client service ratings, and build relationships that last a lifetime.

"As an independent contractor work can be isolating, often floundering in my mind, unsure what to do next or how to grow my business. In 2019 I made the best decision of my career joining Century 21 Scheetz. From day one I was lifted off the ground, launched on a path of success and support. Inspired to dream bigger than I ever thought possible by an army of staff to encourage me, tools, and systems to help me focus and put my ideas into action. The forward thinking and momentum is a contagious energy in the office, in philanthropy and evident in the repeat business of clients. The collective positivity, relentless spirit and overall mindset has empowered me with confidence, resources and drive to lead my clients and peers."

Jamie Morris - CENTURY 21 Scheetz REALTOR®



Keep track of your clients, your transactions, and marketing to your current, past and future clients.

Your customer relationship management (CRM) software should nurture real estate sales, not just any sales. Our CRM was built for real estate agents, so it aligns with an agent's workflow, leverages property data, and encourages long-term lead nurturing. What a concept, right?


As the Vice President of Growth, and 15 years of being a Real Estate Broker, I understand the demands of what it takes to go to the next level and drive efficiency in your business. I want to work with you to understand your needs and introduce you to the tools and systems we offer to help you reach your business goals. My focus is to meet with talented agents in the industry who strive for greatness, encourage positivity, and want to give 121%!

Tiffaney McClurg
VP of Strategic Growth


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